Sunday, 13 November 2016


hello guys it's clap here! Ok so lately on  wzw,  woozworld next model is back! on the quests  you going need to do lots cause, it takes hours or days to finsh them all..  + have you helped collect alot of Woozarazzi? cause on the WNTM Quest  you gotta  collect 1000 of them it's to help the bar  of  overload to move up but it've already been done, so maybe around this week the woozband we'll give us an special prize. be sure to look out for it on the woozworld blog or on world from your inventory or titles. whatever they putting it on..  :]


Thursday, 13 October 2016

5 Most Popular Spring 2017 Fashion Shows

Why, hello there my young fashionistas, Gamerfun here. Today we'll talk about the 5 Most popular fashion shows for Spring 2017. Let's get in it, shall we?
#5: Dolce and Gabbana
Dolce and Gabbana, with a beautiful Italian theme, had over 3 million people come to their show. If you want to see more of this show, click HERE
#4: Yves Saint Laurent
Ah, Yves Saint Laurent, going for a leather and fur look, which is sorta a city look. With 3 million and more than a half people at their show, it a special one. If you want to see more of their show, click HERE
#3: Christian Dior
He did more of a courture and elegant show, but it looked amazing. I especially loved the sunglasses, they're so cute! If you want to see more of this show, click HERE
#2: Chanel
They went for a technological look, and I think you already know what the theme is. In my personal opinion, I think this is a more winter look. If you want to see more of this show click HERE
# 1: Gucci
I'm guessing they went for a 80's mashup with couture, which isn't my thing, but the shoulder bags is what really got me to like this collection. if you want to see more of this show click HERE
That's all for today, my fashionistas! PS, the photos got messed up, so sorry about that.


Monday, 3 October 2016

Well, hello. I'm back today with another post! So today's street style is bomber jackets. Fall is already here so, might as well try some for yourself! I will be looking at prices for these so don't worry, I got your back. (This is US dollars)
This one is from H&M "DIVIDED" and this is the one I have myself, and I recommend it to you because it is only $34.99
Here is the link:

This one is from JCPenney, and it is a SATIN EMBROIDED bomber Jacket, Which I also recommend, But it is $49.99, So if like it, get it there! HERE

This one is not a bit pricey but way too pricey, But I LOVE IT!!!! It's Gucci, and the price is $3,500, but hey, if you got the bucks, its all deluxe. HERE

I'm sorry I havent been on lately, time was a huge factor for me, I will try my best to post, But that's all my loves. Social wooz's new website HERE

Sunday, 11 September 2016

social is back!

Hi guys clap's here again   i got some news for you guys,  the owner of social wooz is back!   but he having problems with this blog so he moving on to "Woozworld faded"  hope you guys check it out and stay turned  for  new updates, news, contests, etc on his new blog.. the reason he moved on to a new blog is  that  he've lost access to social wooz so now no one can edit  it. hope you guys understand  and pls click on the red link to visit his new blog site he will be happy if you do. thanks for reading  have a nice fashion day.  cya.