Saturday, 21 November 2015

Fierce the Fashion Storm | Woozworld Men

Wondering why you woozen looks so summery? Why the cold is stealing your shine? Stealing your fierceness? Well now it is time to face to storm and read this post.

Soon it will be time to throw your wardrobe over into winter. But how will you stomach the cold? Scarfs. These look amazing for men, Although they are an social norm for Women, Many Men have been battling this for comfort and style. I suggest Pascal by Kavin-wzw to add an sassy scarf.

Blow you hair in the wind. Wear the new 5 month vip Hair. This is a real trend setter. Winter is the season to melt the snow, by looking hot of course, You can achieve the perfect woozen body by the hair, which will flow with the wind, on your head.

No outfit will ever be complete with out bottoms. This season we are wear jeans. Try white or black, Green or red. Christmas themed. Jeans, Cheap or Rich will give you an fierce, sexy, look.

Myawooz's favourite, Shoes. Boots are the top thing now. Snow will not get between your virtual toes with warm, furry boots. This will add texture and boldness to your outfit. Warning, Avoid the common camel toe.No one wishes to witness such catastrophe.

Accessories. Bling Bling, if you are Hip like Jaywooz. Heart Tattoo's. Every masculine man, needs a heartwarming tattoo. This will look perfect under your ear.

You now do not have to fear the fierce and wow this winter. Remember to match many different outfits and Social Wooz, Guide you on your fashionsta birth.

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