Monday, 21 December 2015

Woozworld Top5 "Trade Centers"

You have a new entry time to add to your calendar, Every Tuesday, you can now except a new series of articles. This article is, Top5 Trade Centers. How will it work? 5, Woozworld famous, units, woozens or rares, will be listed and described. Positives and Negatives. Number 1 being the winner.

Jamys' Center, seems like a replica of a already famous unit. Guess which one? I can. The rarest item on display is a  Berrling hair. It has not made Top Unitz. Has a complete male ratio and a non themed unit.

Tay's trade center offers a smaller amount of space for woozens to stand. It displays a modest amount of decorations and a unbalanced showcase of Male:Female rares. Being a new Trade Center, It has done well to be on Top Units. The most rare item displayed is Esq Face.

We now are into the more known units. Jhonay's unit does have a unbalanced showcasing ratio and minimal Christmas decoration, but that is what works. It is designed for male woozens, but friendly enough for female woozens. There are numerous rares such as Katastophe outfits, Fillis, Esq and many more.

Although verybusy, decorated extremely well and unique atmosphere, There was alot of drama surrounding the unit and it's owner. Meaning it has a slightly negative reputation. But due to is performance, a constant position in the top5 on Top Units. A balanced ratio on Male:Female displayed rares, a feature of gems and symbz. Sunset's center must be number two.


Our number one must be Karla's trade centre. She often visits the unit, Has a large space for woozens and showcases a huge amount of rares. The theme is definitely christmas. Often being on Top Unitz and having a high performance, this unit deserves a number one spot on our list. How could you not agree?

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