Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Top Chokers | Vogue's Fashion | Women

Ooooo's and ahhh's around us, what do I have for you today? Well if you don't like choker necklaces, you can go look at the other posts below. Ok, let's start. SQUEEEE (Excitment is high today, sorry if it seems basic.) These are the top 3 Chockers in my aesthetic/style today. 

We see Gigi!!! Well Gigi is looking fab today, This outfit matches so well with the choker because it's so rural and urban at the same time!

We see Cara in this magnificent photo. I can't even start describing this outfit Cara has wore for us viewers.
Can't start again. I don't know who is on this picture but this choker IS RED VELVET AND A GOLD HEART. LIKE WHO WOULDNT WANT THIS CHOKER, BECAUSE IF YOU DONT :( I WILL FEEL BAD.

I'm sorry for not posting as much as I should, I got busy with family problems..but it doesn't end here, I'll try to post more for you guys (If you enjoyed it) But for now, bye! 

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