Saturday, 9 January 2016

Woozworld Horror Series: Black Kiss Episode 2 "Deadly Surprise"

In this episode, Ken wants to show his love for beth in spending thousands for her heart. "The night owl club". But this will not be an easy ride. Beth, her lying and pretending to be someone else will have a reaction. The Mysterious, Hates negative energy. So he strikes again...

From this episode we learn some interesting things, For example, Amy is still cheating on dale with Lucas; her heart is split apart.

Beth, She was in tears as her best friend was gone, so she and the fashionista Sofia went shopping.  She started to forget about her worries until, it happened, Again...

*Spoiler: In episode 3, Amy is being attacked! Her birthday is not going to plan so she spends it with Lucas, and a bottle of drink. How will that end? Find out next Friday...*

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