Monday, 4 January 2016

Woozworld Top5 "Most Famous Woozens"

In the last article we counted down the Top5 Woozworld Youtubers. (Click here to read)
However, This time you will find out, although you should know them by now, the MOST famous Woozens on Woozworld. No B listers, Just A Listers. Shall we start? I believe we shall.

Reaching for followers, Latinlover00, 
It has came to our attention, this once so called 'Leader of  Woozworld' has started to become the 'Who?' Latinlover used to be known due to his Duckie Team and this time last year would be number 1 on our list. But just as any other world, his leadership is just about non existent. His fanpage used to receive hundred of views, But since he started to 'Expose'  everysingle woozen. He is slowly turing to Infamous.Personally, i believe he is a kind woozen, who likes to support and to give others. However, This instagram account is doing better than ever, With 9000+ followers he is rocketing up. If he carries on, he may even make number two by the end of 2016. What happened? Maybe he will spark back, or his flame will burn out..

Naughty, Glitz
Once the queen, Now the servant. Her glam seems to be near to the end. We know she won some events in 2013, but now her reputation is ever so decreasing. From accusing our blog of fraud and false information. We are sad to report the fact that she had to be KICKED out by Myawooz at an event due to rude behavior. 

Shining, Sunset916
Although she had a larger fanbase, Sunset is full of surprises. Her pictures used to get 30-70 woozups, But now achieve a still successful 15-35. You are most likely to know her amazing units, Such as adoption centre & trade. She is carrying on shining as a diamond. We know for a fact, and due to her history, she will find a way to rise back into our ears. 

Fame Comes in 2's So Does Love, JhonAY & KARLAZEN
Unit building, Event hosting and even event winning Couple are Number 1 on our list. These A-Listers are not scared to show public affection and romance. After all, There wedding was one of the biggest. These two are mostly known for the units but also having other celebrity friends. They will never breakdown and always have eachother backs.

King of Woozworld,  Rein

This is no surprise, Afterall his posts do achieve 100-150 woozups on all his posts. If you wish to know more about this Number 1 celebrity then read out Featured Article (Here)

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