Tuesday, 9 February 2016

3 Common Fashion Errors | For Females.

'Over Load'

Accessories are amazing. Trash is not. Too much of anything is bad. Think about it this way. You have some chocolate; chocolate tastes amazing. However, having another bar will make you feel sick. Everything is great in small amounts. How to avoid this? Have a real, 2-3 accessories max. 

'Gym Only. You're not a 'RoadMan''

This goes to both  Genders. These clothes are sport or comfort around the house. Please do not go out wearing Addias or Nike tracksuits in every day situations. Would you wear a tutu to prom? No. Do not make this error as it will not show your class, but your laziness. (Clarification, Keep these outfits for exercise or leisure) 

'Shaky Hands'

Make up. It is either your friend or hater. The image above is NOT ON FLEEK. If your eyebrows look like this then be ashamed. Here is a rule ladies, "eyebrows are cousins, not sisters" they should not be 100% the same or thicker than titanic. Be modest. Keep on wearing makeup, if you feel confident. Just do not make the mistake of bad eyebrows.



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