Saturday, 6 February 2016

Love YOURSELF this February 2016...

Woozworld has added some splendid furniture to shops. It is sure 'lovetastic'. We all adore being spoiled, right? Well here is how you can do just that, this valentines days.

Idea 1) Every girls dream, Chocolate. Feb 15 there should be a huge sale on chocolates... Who needs a date when you have sweet beauties! Nuts, Cherries, White, Milk, Chocolate is perfect to show how you yourself.

Idea 2) Your friend might have a hot date; you could have great time. How? Playing Woozworld  Of course!. The woozband have great events going on this week and next, so why not buy vip and attended? After all, you saved some money from not buying anyone a valentines present....

Idea 3) If 1&2 are not your style, try this one. Friends Date. Invite your besties and chill watching netflix, eating ben & jerrys (Other brands available) Sure, it may not be something you want to bloat about but it must be fun!

Hope you try these amazing ideas, Im off to see my date....


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