Tuesday, 29 March 2016

woozworld fashion news#2

Hi guys clap's here! as many of you may not know that i'll keep on touch  at  social's blog since i'm the only active one of the blog  so here's some help of the easter quiz. and some easter items that you could fashion wear/use on unitz.

answers of easter quiz.  :)

1) italy
 2) false
 3) ears
4) halloween
5) true
6) florida
7) peeps
8) ukraine
9) 1878
10) sunday.

                                          easter items in shopz to create in your unitz also cloths too  so you guys should dress up and stay up like a model + unitz designer/

                                     Happy easter  and stay modeled i'll post  outfit of the week on sunday as i'm                                         the  fashion camera on sundays :3

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