Monday, 3 October 2016

Well, hello. I'm back today with another post! So today's street style is bomber jackets. Fall is already here so, might as well try some for yourself! I will be looking at prices for these so don't worry, I got your back. (This is US dollars)
This one is from H&M "DIVIDED" and this is the one I have myself, and I recommend it to you because it is only $34.99
Here is the link:

This one is from JCPenney, and it is a SATIN EMBROIDED bomber Jacket, Which I also recommend, But it is $49.99, So if like it, get it there! HERE

This one is not a bit pricey but way too pricey, But I LOVE IT!!!! It's Gucci, and the price is $3,500, but hey, if you got the bucks, its all deluxe. HERE

I'm sorry I havent been on lately, time was a huge factor for me, I will try my best to post, But that's all my loves. Social wooz's new website HERE

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