Friday, 23 October 2015

How to celebrate Halloween!

Hi everyone.. It's Purry here. Firstly I'd like to apologize for the lack of posts on this blog, I will make up for it by posting more frequently. Some of you might know that I have joined the Brazil server on woozworld which means I now play on both English and Brazil servers. Not only is this super confusing for me but I also don't have enough time to be playing on both, so I have decided to stay in the Brazil server. I will not be completely quitting the English server, I will visit there whenever I get the chance.
Anyway, know you now what's going on, this post will be about how to celebrate Halloween. So if you think you're too young to be going trick-or-treating here are some other alternatives you can do!

1. Throw a house party
This would be a great chance to get together with all your friends on Halloween, You can throw a costume party and dress in Halloween costumes. Make sure you have your parents permission before doing this though, getting grounded would be a bad start. You can also go to a party, someone else is throwing if you're invited (:

2. Go out with friends
This is what I'm doing on Halloween, to go out to a theme park with all my friends. You can find a theme park near where you live which are open late to spend Halloween at (Better if it's a halloween themed park) or you can go out anywhere to spend the night (Again: Have your parent's permission beforehand) 

3. Have a movie night!
Of course, you don't have to go out for Halloween. You can invite a few close friends over for a sleepover. Go on Netflix or rent out some horror movies (Not too scary lol), order some pizza and just have a night in to spend time with your best friends (: You can decorate your room like Halloween and have Halloween themed food to fit the party.. Click here for a video on DIY Halloween sleepover!

Thanks for reading, Have a great Halloween and stay safe!
See you later
-Purry xoxo

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