Monday, 2 November 2015


Hi! Social here. Today i will be giving you some snassy ideas for Halloween Candy leftovers snacks. P.s for this you will need any candy! Shall we start? Yes we shall.

*An adult may be required*
Making an sweet strawberry snack is an epic way to use up halloween candy and have 1/5 a day!  Here are the instructions.

  1. Boil a kettle of water & pour it into a large bowl
  2. In a smaller bowl place chocolate and place over the boiling water
  3. When the chocolate starts to melt. Mix it
  4. When there are no bits and the chocolate is smooth, Dip some fresh strawberries.
  5. Leave for one hour to cool.
  6. Eat up!

Lollipop crunch
A perfect way to get rid of those lollipops in yummy ways is it crunch them all up! 
  1. Take a large kitchen spoon or smashing object and crunch, unwrapped lollipops
  2. In a bowl put two scoops of icecream, Or maybe even nuttella and throw in the smashed lollipops
  3. Voila! Here you have a crunchy icecream or crunchy chocolate! 
Ahh Biscuits (Cookies) the perfect treat! This is a good decorative way! Here are some cool ideas for decorations.

  1. Melt chocolate like in ChocoBerries and spoon it on the cookie.
  2. Then doctorate away with smarties!

This is all for this post. Have fun cooking away! Hope you had fun this halloween! I had fun at a house party. But here is what you trick or tr eaters can do. 
Till next time- Social

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