Saturday, 28 November 2015

Woozworld's Next Top Model Interview | Women | Gossip

Last night we experienced the BIGGEST fashion event on woozworld. Did you attend? If you didn't then you're a fool. The clothes were outstanding, the goodie bags were flying and myawooz was dancing. In case you're new to woozworld then this is how to works, Every year woozens all around woozworld need to model away and gain Fanz. The winner gets announced in a special unit. You may think it is lame but the woozen wins, 1 year vip! 5,000 wooz, 3 store outfits and so much more. Amazing? I say yes.

Let the event begin, Myawooz and Jaywooz presented the show, Mya looked stunning and Jay c
ompliment her well. They started to congratulate everyone on their hard efforts. They had a little party and took pictures with everyone. No male outfits were modeled that night. However, a big wower of the event was the outfit modeled by Mod.
Girls, You have some epic outfits coming this winter! You will be looking Hot, Hot, Hot. I can grantee this will be a massive hit for all your aspiring fashionista's. But let's now move on, to the biggest announcement of 2015, The winner of Woozworld's Next Top Model was....  Gorgeouschiqq. But now,lets give her an interview.

How does it feel to be Woozworld's new top model?

"being woozworld's next top model is very exciting when they announced my name and people were like sending me messages, pc and some even took pics of me i really felt being a model/star in real life, until now i couldn/t believe i actually won."

What is it like being woozworld's newst celebrity?

"being woozworld's newest celebrity was not easy, had haters in the first day like glitz, she accused me of hacking my fanz, but i wasn't offended bc i know i never did anything that violated the rules of this game"

What advice can you give readers?

Wmy advice is, if you wanna win it, you have to give everything unto it, it takes a little sacrifice if you wanna win, like you have to sacrifice your sleep to be able to gain more fanz and though you see people got more fanz than yours,don't get distracted or get discouraged just continue doing your job, because everyone is already a winner after all xx "

This was your newst woozworld's fashionista, What do you think? Do you like her pictures? Did she deserve to win? We think so! Biggest congratulations to her and we will see on what her future brings. Till next time, Social.

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