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Woozworld's Real Fashion Icon Chanel185 | Featured Celebrity | Women

 My inspiration comes from a lot of directions.It all depends on how I'm feeling at that moment.If I am really happy and listen to great song, my creations would usually be colorful, bright and fun. On the other hand I also get inspired by season, new trends and of course fashion bloggers.
Think a youtube challenge is impossible?, try criticizing the most faultless celebrity. Not only a loving and caring woozen, Chanel185 takes amazing photography, which can be found on her wonderful woozin wall. But can you believe it? There is even more. Chanel185 is the first ever and the most famous designer.

My personal favourite, a little research, Googling her woozen, i found out that this is her first every amazing design video:

The video was published on the 10th February 2012. Althought you may know her for her newer videos, you would have noticed her editing has improved and became for mature.

Her first ever interview for an online blog was on the 20 February 2012 for Wooz magazine. The site is unactive now.

Before i bore you with all the history, allow me to return to the main attraction. The fashionsta her self. Contacting Chanel she posted two pictures expressing her fashion. The theme i given Chanel is Winter. Winter is every girls wardrobe heaven. Used for only one season. She decide to model an fantastic coat with a hood and boots. The look is stylish and very contemporary. Although her legs may get a bit chilly, there is nonthing this chick would do for fashion.

Fashion, Was a part of me, Ever since I was little girl. It's art and it's fun... It's the way of showing who you are both on the outside and inside, I believe. I always try to be unique and emphasize my feminine side and I love it. XoXo
This is all for this issue of Featured Celebrity, Why do you love Chanel? Is it her personality or fashion? Maybe both? Thank you for reading, Till next time.

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