Sunday, 6 December 2015

Be a REAL Woozworld Model...

There are many false agency out there, which will get you nowhere. But worry no more, Social Wooz is here to open up the market. If you want to be professional woozworld model, then you're in the right place.

What will you get?

As a SocialWooz model, there will be several ranks. D,C,B,A,A*  But what will each rank offer?

Rank D: A pro-filo of you and your starting place, On a page on a official woozworld fansite

Rank C: A shoot in a featured article on SocialWooz, These have a higher chance of being in the Woozpaper. You would be modeling the top outfit for the month.

Rank B: Exclusive excess to Social Wooz  Fashion Shows (Coming Soon) and Modeling in the show. All of the Above and being to represent the agency at No Woozband events.

Rank A: All of the Above, And represent the agency at Woozband Events. Feature in Fashion Youtube Videos (Example. #No shoe collection)

Rank A*: All of the Above, Plan own fashion events, Excess to blogging on a Official Woozworld Fansite and feature in SocialWooz Youtube, Films, And series (Example, Dear Roger / Born to Die)

How will it work/ Requirements

This woozworld modeling agency would require for you to have store content. (Not purchased by the site, due to safety and code of conduct of woozworld) However, This would be only requested for Rank C and Above Models. (More Information On "Modeling" Tab)

Example Work;
This could be you...

How do i Apply?
If you want to be the newest woozworld celebrity then you will need to apply on this blog. How? Click on the "Modeling" tab. You will find a fourm you need to fill in. It includes, 
Woozen Name,
Gmail (Needed for Contact & Rank B, Remains hidden from public)
Profile Pictures, E.g Like seen above.
50-150 Word description of you.

Then you will have to wait till wwsocial-owner contacts you either by email or woozworld.

So, If you want to be famous and a woozworld model,What are you waiting for? Click the Modeling Tab Now!.

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