Friday, 4 December 2015

Look Famous this Woozmas...

Don't be lame this winter, Follow this guide if you are worried that the cold has got the most of you. Are you feeling that all these rich woozworld celebrities have an unbelievable codes & clothes? That you have to be a VIP to look like 50 diamonds?  Well Stop. Cause i will help turn the ugly you into the sparkly new you.

Colour Code

Rule number one. Colouor! This winter is all about the stunning pallet of; Grey, Silver, Gold, RoseGold, Matt Green, White and pale purples.
Wondering how to get those codes? Do not stress no more. Here below you can copy some classic but stylish colour codes:

Maroon: #684F3A / #533A25 / #64452C
Grey: #C9C9D8 / #7A7A89 / #9696A5
Silver: #A3A3B2 / #9999A8 / #F0EDE5
Gold: #ffd700 / #EDDA74 / FFFFCC
Rose Gold: E8ADAA
Purples: C6AEC7 / D2B9D3

Now that you have the right colour code, and not a disgusting neon (so emo in 2011) you can now customize your outfit.

Top Guide 

Clothes. Why have a festive code but nonthing to code? This season we are all about christmas jumpers and jeans. Forgirls? Skirts or Jeans with boots. No CONVERSE! THIS IS SUMMER! (Inner Devil wears prada anger leaves) So what are your choices? Let's make this a little game. I will most some pictures and you can gain inspiration.

Wait, But social, Theese are normal woozens with amazing outfits in woozen quests? Correct! This winter you will look famous by being you! How else? Ofcourse, If you use my codes and some clothes like those pictures, You will be so hot you will melt santawooz and make his beard burn.

This was how you can dress and look famous this woozmas, What will you take from this? It is all up to you. But what ever you do, Do not look like trash and look like a famous goddess/god. I will see you next time and happy winter. 

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