Thursday, 24 December 2015

Featured Outfit | Men | December 2015

Fabulous Warmth and Sassy Style. This new outfit by Woozworld has it all. After all,  it is my favourite. It might not be as comfortable as a smurfvest or a cosy robe with a hood but it sure has it's own magic. The best feature about this outfit must be the new face, A classy, but mature, beard with charming eyes. The hair is sleek and adult-like. Perfect? Perfect i must say.

This is a true Vogue 2015-2016 styled outfit. Trendy, Modern, New, Old School all in one. Great? I must say yes!. After all, it cost either £7.50 or £14.99 to purchase this outfit. So it must be perfect and rare.

This is all for this Months Featured Outfit. Will it melt your heart this winter?

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