Tuesday, 22 December 2015

MaxWooz's Outfit - 22.12.15

Hi again fashionistas! AngelXxxWW here, with a little review of another Woozband outfit! This time, it's going to be MaxWooz's outfit! Being comfy and warm in the winter season I see. Without wasting anymore time, let's get on with the review! Starting off with the head, Max had a hoodie on with a streak of gold on the edge of the hoodie. Along with some of Max's original bangs of course! Next, the torso. The light robe ties the whole outfit together! (Get it? Because there's a rope in the middle of the robe? No? Okay). Again, with some streaks of gold going along the bottom of the robe, and around the wrist. The pants are next! Can I just say how colorful and big the pants are? It has some patterns and a little tightness going on at the bottom. And last but not least, the shoes! (In this case, slippers). They look comfy and they have small triangles printed on them so they wouldn't look so plain! That's all for this week's review of one of the four Woozband's outfits! See you next time fashionistas!

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