Thursday, 17 December 2015

Featured Woozworld Celebrity: Reinelibe

Woozworld royalty? Or woozworld fashion master? Who really is Reinelibe? Is he a wizard? or just a nice, honest guy? This article is featuring the one and only, Rein. Reading this you will find out so much more about this 'king' and the key feature behind his hidden charm. Dark secrets will be reveled and truth will be spoke.

Deep Search
Our investigation has reveled that Rein has had a troubled relationship in the past. With another famous woozen called Sunset916. This is where she potentially blockmailed him into dating. Proof and expose videos were shared by over all, no conclusion was drawn by mods. Both sides of the war moved on. However, Before this extravaganza, Even more misfortune occurred. Reinelibe has gather a large amount of haterz and received some intense messages, causing him to quit. However, now, the haterz have seem to fade and now he is much more happier. 

Why & How
The main reason Rein is famous is due to his kindness, He replies to most messages,comments and speech bubbles. He has a happy personality. Another reason why he might be famous is to his wealth and his last relationships. Although he has not gain any benefit from them. Rein has also shown that you can go from nowhere to everything in the space of a year. A troubled past can turn into a life of woozworld fame. 

There is alot of them. You just need to scroll down Rein's wall. Post, after post, comment, after comment, There is fangirls, and boys, shouting his name and giving him support. Afterall, Even we are his fans!. On average, A photo he posts gains 100-150 woozups in 2 days. It is so quick and a huge quantity. Other main celebrities only achieve a small 20-60 woozups. His fanbase is very strong and continues to grow.

This was our feature of the famous and electric, Reinelibe. You may have learned the reason behind his fame and his strong fanbase. This is all for this article. We hope the greatest future for him and the very best. His style and fashion is very unique and classy. Yet has chic. Till next time

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