Tuesday, 15 December 2015

JennyWooz's Outfit - 15.12.15

Hey fashionistas! AngelXxxWW (aka Angel) here! Today, we're going to be talking about JennyWooz's outfit, Polaris!  It's pretty cute right? Okay. Today, let's start from the bottom of the outfit and work our way up.
First thing down (haha, I'm so funny), are the shoes. The shoes have a little bit of heel, and a zipper on the side. On the top of the shoes, they're folded with some white diamonds attached to the folded part. Next are the pants! It's a plain, comfy-looking pair of sweat pants that are folded up. Above the sweatpants, is the beautiful sweater! This sweater, is just amazing. It's plain, but with a little twist on the shoulders. A V-Neck sweater with a some swirly peepholes on the shoulders. Totally cute! Lastly, the hair. Oh my gee, it's so cute! 2 small buns on the side of the head with some bangs. Along with pearl earrings! Everything about this outfit makes plain look so adorable! That's all for now fashionistas! I hope you enjoyed a little review of Jenny's outfit! Bye for now!

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