Tuesday, 1 December 2015

New Blogger Introduction! ~ Savbear04

Hey, Y'all!
I'm Savbear04, and I'm thrilled to be helping Soci with Social Wooz: Woozworld's Vouge! I thought that I'd start off with a small introduction post with a few facts about myself:

1) Yes, yes, I know! My account is only 14 days old, and I've done some cool things during that time: 

1. Placed 2nd at SOTW!

2. Won Max's Gameshow and got him added!

3. Met Jenny in her chatroom!

4. Placed at Jay's Freestyle Cafe and got him added!

5. I am one half of Ship of the Week #5.

This is just my new main, and I don't plan on changing it again! My original account is 5 years old, so I am well associated with Woozworld.

2) My colorcode, and how it's special to me:
You don't see my code around Woozworld that much because the code isn't on the basic color palate that they provide.

The reason I picked purple, is because it's one of my favorite colors. I decided to add a hint of pink to create a pretty pastel plum code. Perhaps in the future I might make a post on how to find YOUR perfect color match, one that screams YOU!

and 3) What I plan on contributing to this blog and what topics I will post about:
I plan on posting stuff about outfits that catch my eye on WzW. I will contribute correct grammar and spelling, making the posts easier to read and understand. I will give this blog my all.

XX, Savannah

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