Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Fashion news | Top Chanel's

This week we will see  3 Chanel shows from around the world, shall we start? -I'm wearing my Chanel necklace just for this-

This came from a Chanel show from pre-fall 2015 at Austria.I like this because it's a classy suit and skirt and how it goes with the European style.
I love this outfit because it's so pretty, just look at it! The dress is really nice with that design. And the hair  goes perfect well with this outfit. This show was located at Dubai, UAE , and was from Resort 2015 show.
This outfit is so cute, that I love how it's so nice on both women and kids. The hat is so nice and the top is so cut with the little bag. The flats have a really nice design there. This was located at London, U.K. And was shown during Pre-fall  2012

Thank you guys soooo much for reading this, 
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