Monday, 7 December 2015

Oops..Forgot the intro!

Well hello there, my young fashionistas. My name is Gamer (Or Fawn), And I joined Soci with Social Wooz | Woozworld Vogue. Here are some facts about me...
1. I have played Woozworld™ for nearly three years!! 
        A. I have been hacked three times! 
              B. I have met a lot of new people during those times.
                      C. I had a account that has done a lot of "humanitarian" work.
2. I have met Max and Mya at their Halloween event! 
         A.I met a lot of people at that event and that's how I know some of you guys!
               B. I proposed to Mya, (Since Blondie asked out Max a while ago) and she said yes! 
3.   I will post every Monday and I will be posting about Vogue Fashion.
         A. My sources will or
               B.  You can even message me for topics on these websites and some credit will go to you!
                      C. Sometimes I might post random things about Woozworld

 That's my intro guys! Hope you have a nice day!!!


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