Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Cool Closet Tricks you Have to try...

Hi. Today woozworld launched the big idea called Closet. What is it? Closet is a place where you can build outfits, And save 6 of your favourites. You can also preview what colour coded clothing will look on your woozen. Meaning there is no now excuse for looking like a frog.  In this post i will be giving you 4 cool tricks that you can use closet for and create with. Shall we start? Yes we shall.


Not once, nor twice, but hundred of times i have seen woozens panic and wear utter garbage to SOTW (Star Of The Week) This is why this tool will be fabulous. No more messing about,  An hour or two before the show, Maybe even a day so you can sleep on the choice of the outfit, You can create your outfit in the Closet and Save it! *Watch Out, Be sure to not delete it by accident by saving another outfit over the top*

If you are worried that your are missing some of your clothes, then do not stress! They are simply stacked, Each clothing, Or face, with the similar type, Colourd or Colourable will have a little blue '+' if you click it you will have a range of all of the parts you own. As seen above, The hot model (COUGH ME) has 6 clown faces, Hovering over each one gives you a little preview to the left. So do not fear, You have no clothes missing. 


It is a matter of time before you accidentally click the big red exit on the closet. But do not worry, The closet is made so you can open it and start from where you left. However, This does not work if you close the Woozworld Tab. This will cause you to log into woozworld again and start all over. So be careful with red buttons.

"Mix n Match"

Another funny, but sometimes effective tool is "Randomize" This can give you some inspiration for future outfits and creations. Also when you get somthing that works, Anything which dosen't you can replace by clicking about 4 buttons. great!

This new closet update seems to be very interesting with woozens being split in half. But what do you think? Even if you dislike it then there will be some features in the post that you might find usefull. I hope you have an fashionable week and till next time.


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