Sunday, 13 December 2015

This Week in 5 Pictures... 13/12/2015

This week the ship of the week was Guy31 and KittyWink. They look so charming together!
This week was the launch of the new woozworld feature, Closet. Although many negative comments, The launch was a great hit with many woozen, who now enjoy creating brand spanking new outfits.
This week, Myawooz hosted her Late Night Show, Interviewing the amazing Gorg (Link to our interview, and article here) However, darkness took over. One world. Glitz. Drama started. Two mods came and then Myawooz, herself, kicked her out. 
Everyday this week (Ending Monday) Lilywooz, Our God, Posted a Hanukkah question box in Central Plaza. If you answered all 8 questions correctly you will get a prize! (7th box out now)
This week our Star of The Week was StormieSkye. Her pallet of grey and purple wowed the judges with masculine, yet feminine looks.

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