Tuesday, 8 December 2015

AngelXxxWW + Mya's Winter Outfit

Hey fashionistas! You may not know me because I'm a new blogger (on trial) that just joined. I'm Angel (AngelXxxWW on WoozWorld), and I'm here to cover the Woozband fashion! Since this is the first time I've posted, I'd like to start off with the fashion queen herself! Mya's NEW winter outfit.

Isn't the outfit AMAZING? First off, the hair is just, argh. Drop dead gorgeous! A big high ponytail with some side bangs. Not to mention the earmuffs that are added! The dress is totally hot for the winter! A plaid dress underneath a nice, long sleeve coat, plus the circle scarf around her neck! What a fabulous dress. Next, the leggings. Nice, plain leggings for the win. And lastly, the boots. Can I just say how detailed the boots are? The top is folded outwards with a little bit of gold. Laces going downwards with (again) gold holding the laces in place! I hope you like this review on one of the new outfits! Have a wonderful day fashionistas!


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