Monday, 28 December 2015

Woozworld Top5 "Youtubers"

Last week we listed Top 5 Trade Centers. (Click here to read)
However, This time we are listing the Top5 woozworld youtubers. These are the people who feed away your boarden and entertain you with amazing series or films. Let start? We shall.


Kavin has many entertaining videos and is mostly known her his series "Mac & James". Also he recently published one episode of Fur in the Woods. His videos make 1,300+ subscribers very happy as he posts often.


As a close friend of mine, She also manages to WOW 2000+ woozens. Yes, she might not post every week, or month. But when she does, It is MASSIVE! Reaching 8,000-16,000 views per video. She is a true, semi-active, Woozworld youtuber

I promise, i am not playing favourite, But Gigs, is mostly known her entertaining 2,200+ Woozens.  Her series Teen Troubles, Reaches up to 18,000 views and although season two was canceled. She is a VERY creative person and i am sure, whatever she posts, will be a great hit.

We may have different views and opinions, Cosmic never fails to entertain me with his Series. My Dirty Little Secrect. It is such a great show and deserves DOUBLE the views. He gives joy to 2,500+ woozens and is a true content creator. Hopefully one day, his skills will be able to turn into a real life show or even animation. 

Nikki-Ashly (BeatDemonzProductions)
This girl. Her content is out of this world. Im sure her 5,700+ subscribers agree! She never fails to entertain and her show Haunted Highways is a woozworld classic. I know she spends hours on each of her videos and that she puts in huge amounts of effort. I even go to speak to her for a couple months now and let me tell you. She is the kindest woozen you can meet. I hope, no, i know, that one day her skills will be able to become a real job. 

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