Friday, 1 January 2016

New Woozworld Series...

Time for something new? Something fresh? Fed up with all "Woozworld High School Series"? Well, wait till you watch this.

Blood, Love and Tragedy, The best combo for you to watch. However, let's break down Episode 1. "The Pilot"

Each character is different, Have their own personality, Here they are,

Amy; The natural 'It Girl' No matter how hard she tries, her statues will always get in her way. Her boyfriend, Dale is a complete idot. She has had many relationships before, Such as David, Who is no longer with us. Now she is struggling to decide between two charming boys, Sexy Dale and Smart Lucas? What will her sweet side do? But what about her dramatic side?

Beth: So innocent, So pure, Her laughter will make you giggle. She struggles to make all of the group happy. Craving to be everyones friend, It seems she is succeeding. Love? Ken. They are both geeky gamers who love playing games such as Halo, Mincraft, Worms, and Woozworld. They are madly in love. Beth used to have an older brother, David. David used to be the leader of the group. Till an accident in the valleys...

Dale: Lets say he is not the smartest, His IQ level is probably lower than a monkeys, However under that baggy jumper, is a not a 6 pack but an 8 Pack. He sure knows how to hit the Gym, and Knows that it is what Amy desires. Although you will probably never see his body, Unless swimming. He has many confidence issues. He is in a toxic realtionship with Amy.

Sofia: A fashionista, She knows the difference between Pandora and a fake diamond in 2 seconds. Her eyes are for detail. But is she cable to outwit cara and Amy? Dreaming to be the toppest and most popular girl, No one seems to want to make it happen. Ofcourse beth is going to say she is. But is it just misleading her?

Ken:  He is the average teenage boy in the year 2016. He has a normal job and is dating Beth. He is a geeky nerd who loves to play computer games all night and all day. He is nearly always infront of a screen and seems to never be at any parties or social gatherings. He is always 'Busy'

Lucas: Smart, But Classy. He might not have an 8 pack but is sure charming and a hopless romantic. He is the guy who will take you to Paris, just because it is your dream. He will not stop till Amy is his. But his honesty wants her to tell Dale that they are having a secret relationship...

There are also many side characters, Which you will be exited to watch. This will be updates in future posts, Don't Worry <3.

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