Saturday, 16 January 2016

Be Inspired...

Free soul? Free spirit? Free inspiration. It is time to lose our 2015 tears and make this year happen. It is time for life. If not now then when? Why not today? If you want to do something, Do it now. Don't wait till the next day.

Woozworld. I played this game since 2010. (When i was 10) I will be 16 in may. Quit? I would, but i love this blog too much. Although my woozworld account may be more inactive, this will stay the same. By the time i am 17. I will pass this fansite onto a new hopeful (Although monitor them) Once i trust them i will remove myself fully.

Due to the fact i will be less on woozworld, i need you bloggers to blog more about woozworld. I will be doing outside of woozworld posts. (As i read the code of conduct 50 times)


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