Friday, 15 January 2016

Woozworld Horror Series: Black Kiss Episode 3

In this episode, there is a new murder investigator, private detective in the town. He has a curling plan to revel the killer by scarfing the lives and reputation of other suspects... Is he sane?

The detective is hot and very spicy, but his personality might burn your tongue. Each character has their own motives for the killing of Cara. Is it Sofia with Jealously? Or Lucas with anger? Who ever it was, this investigator will find the truth. Afterall, he is said to be better than sherlock. Evil never wins,

Bam Cheecky Bam Bam... Amy and lucas celebrated Amys birthday,Alone. The cheating couple cannot resit not being with eachother, However was this a mistake? The killer took a photo of them kissing...

*Spoiler for Episode  4*

Is this a joke? Amy missing and the killing stopping? Surly this is not true... or is it? This is a big spoiler for you all. So enjoy it. Take what you see and episode 4 is bigger than ever before...

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