Sunday, 10 January 2016

New Blogger!

Hello Folks, SkylarLynn here with the Latest facts about me!

As you know, I'm SkylarLynn. I am a  new Blogger on Social Wooz which I'll be posting Fashion DIY'S for all of you to try out. I would like for you guys to try them out for me. All the projects I tell you guys about will be tested first by me. As a reminder, all projects need to have parent permission and precaution on everything you do. l hope all of you enjoy this little 5 facts about me.


1. I LOVE fashion.

2. Food is very good. (Who wouldn't eat before doing anything with Fashion?! XD)

3. If you ever need me for anything just contact me on Woozworld. (SkylarLynn) I'll help you with anything you need. Woozens absolutely mean the world to me! <3

4. I love making friends so, contact me if you want to be my friend. I don't bite, Silly!

5. As said before, I'll be posting about Fashion DIY's. (I, SkylarLynn, will be testing all projects before any Woozen does it for safety reasons.)

Folks, I'm ready for this. I'm ready to meet some of you guys. I promise these next post will be the top Fashion DIY's so be ready. I hope you all have a wonderful week. You guys are rad! :)


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