If you're looking to kickstart or exceed on your Woozworld Modeling. You may be wondering, Why? It is just a virtual World. However this can prepare you for the real world. Teach you how to get started and even have fun. But it will be hard work.  Here are some more benefits;

As a SocialWooz model, there will be several ranks. D,C,B,A,A*  But what will each rank offer?

Rank D: A pro-filo of you and your starting place, On a page on a official woozworld fansite

Rank C: A shoot in a featured article on SocialWooz, These have a higher chance of being in the Woozpaper. You would be modeling the top outfit for the month.

Rank B: Exclusive excess to Social Wooz  Fashion Shows (Coming Soon) and Modeling in the show. All of the Above and being to represent the agency at No Woozband events.

Rank A: All of the Above, And represent the agency at Woozband Events. Feature in Fashion Youtube Videos (Example. #No shoe collection)

Rank A*: All of the Above, Plan own fashion events, Excess to blogging on a Official Woozworld Fansite and feature in SocialWooz Youtube, Films, And series (Example, Dear Roger / Born to Die)

Examples of the work;

Exiting, Right?

Well here is the application Form:

Terms and Agreement 
Once a SocialWooz Model, You must obey all woozworld rules, The code of conduct and the blog rules. If proofed otherwise, Automatic removal will occur. All photo's and features will be property. If you quit or are kicked no removal of images will occur, However Removal of Pro-foil and all gifts will be removed. If you represent the blog and agency poorly. you may be lower down of rank.

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  1. Yeti agency was my favorite agency. Just saying. =3=