Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Featured Outfit | Men | November 2015

Hi. In this issue we will be talking about the fashion of the fabulous. Don't we all love autumn? Who dosen't? This month in the store we had numerous outfits, however this is my favourite. Why? Because it is original and modern. A true street style look. The clothes bring comfort towards me as they look warm and cozy enough to snuggle in. Perfect outdoors and indoors.

Vogue would not be happy if the creator wasn't mentioned. Questing a large number of woozens, 75% claimed they preferred this outfit. The outfit is Renegade by -Kitten-. Congratulates -Kitten- it was amazing. But why do we love it? Could it be sassy classiness? Only you truly know.

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Fashion is a way of expression, Expression for Social Wooz.


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